100% satisfied

My listing Broker did great job for client over all such as feedback from potential buyers weekly basis and recommended me what I have to be done. I am 100% satisfied perfectly from start to closing transaction.- Park

Make understand all the process , also she is not pushing to client

Excellent. Shanon was extremely professional and strategic and at the same time she totally respected my opinion and reason for hesitation at all times.

For example, we were able to proceed with an offer with one property but we were hesitant to proceed because we were not sure if it is the right price. She completely respected our hesitation and we were able to walk away - and we are extremely happy we did.
When putting an offer, she always provided multiple strategic options with their pros and cons so we could pick among those options knowing exactly what they are.

For example, when putting an offer, she provided strategic options (due to Seattle's competitive market) like pre-inspection vs. as-is option, and offer review vs. submitting offer before offer review/open house. Eventually we were able to have offer accepted with lower price that listing price due to her strategic timing and offer options.

I will recommend her to my friend and relative-Yoon